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Kayak Lyrics

Kayak Turn The Tide Lyrics

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A perfect life, a timeless machine
A wordless sound but what does it mean?
A silly phrase in a song
You know the job is easily done
Oh but what can you hide
When thereís nothing inside

If all you do is count and expect
Then real life must be hard to accept
Youíre trying hard not to show
You gave in and you think we donít know
Weíve got eyes we can see
This is no way to be

If ever I had to be the man
Who won a war by losing his friends
Iíd rather lose all I had
Then take everything I could get
And being left alone
No one to carry me home

Down, going down
You think that itís day but itís night
Look at you now
Your face is a terrible sight

In a state like this itís time to turn the tide

Wonít you let me get you through and turn the tide?

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