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Kayak Lyrics

Kayak The Poet And The One Man Band Lyrics

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I can see a worried man
Paper still white, heís on a journey that will never end
Heís got the message, needing words, but doesnít understand
The poet and the one man band
No one seems to know
Why life has run so low

I can see a silly man
Dreaming of a perfect love, a starry sky romance
Living on an island, doesnít really understand
The poet is a one man band
Left alone to cry
Poets never live until they die

Life seems but a joke
Love re-mending hearts that broke
Isnít it a strange thing too
All the words inside of you
Couldnít possibly explain why you feel itís all been said before
Spending your days alone and closing all doors
Too far beyond your eyes you think

But coming out you find they havenít gone
So take your stand
Youíll see they all have come
To join the one man band

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