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Kayak Lyrics

Kayak The Kings Enchanter Lyrics

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Calling on your gift of eyes you’re so confused
By this vague and trembling vision, how it hurts to face the truth…
A reality you must accept, there’s nowhere you can hide
For everything will happen as the Gods have deviced
You’ll obey

You’ll move with the winds and confide in the sea
The madman of the forest, just a ghost of what you once have been
The King’s enchanter

Watching this comet with the Dragon’s tail
If the Falcon has to fall then let the rules of men prevail
You’re nothing but a wanderer obsessed by your dreams
They’re turning into nightmares ’cause the image you’ve seen
Makes you scared

You’ll vanish like music to live on in song
Lingering on the edge of life but still the world will never shun
The King’s enchanter

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