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Kayak Lyrics

Kayak Journey Through Time Lyrics

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Fiction or real
I donít know what I feel
Though it seems Iíve been traveling for ages

Rollers of time
Overflowing my mind
As the scenery suddenly changes

Life held no attraction
Ran out of love and luck
Ever since I found the drug
That leads me away on my

Journey through time
I wander in days gone by
Bridging the years
Tracing the past, I live my life reversed

Time will do its magic tricks, at least the spell will break
Such a shame I canít fortell when Iíll be wide awake
Standing on highway where a 1000 years ago
Used to be nothing but
Heath and a single hut

Feel like a ghost
Not allowed to get close
Stand and stare in complete fascination

People I meet
Just pass on and proceed
Unaware of my participation

Age of strange adventures
Though I cannot remain
The trip was not in vain
Unable to stay on my

Journey through time
This world used to look so fine
Iíll go without strife
And treasure the secrets of my distant life

All thereís left to do is build a fortress round my dreams
Seeking shelter from the world Iíd rather stay unseen
My bodyís in the present, but my mind lives in the past
Itís hard to understand
Iíve come to journeyís end

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